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Amish Made One Pair of Buckle to Bit Slobber Straps -Color Choices
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Price: $39.99
Prod. Code: MRT-SO8 Amish Buckle to Bit Slobber Straps

Amish Made Buckle to Bit Slobber Straps

Priced per pair.

Amish Made - Buckle to Bit Slobber Straps Information:

Size is: 7 & ¾” Long & 1 & ½ “ Wide, with a 5/8” hole near the bottom of slobber straps for attaching split reins, trail rein, 5/8” mecate reins or 5/8” yacht rope reins.

What Slobber Straps Do:

Slobber straps offer you and your Mule, Horse or Donkey one of the best training aids on the market.  Slobber straps provide an advance que to the equine that the bit is about to be engaged and also provide an instant release when working with the bit to reward the equine for correct behavior. An essential aid when you consider that you only have 2-3 seconds to reward your equine when you get the appropriate behavior.

Slobber Straps Provide Protection:

Slobber Straps provide protection for leather reins, mecate reins and yacht rope reins. They help to keep the reins out of the water when your equine drinks on the trail.

Slobber straps add length to your existing reins, less bending over the neck of your equine while they drink on the trail.

How They Attach:

Our Slobber Straps buckle to the bit. They can be used with snaffle ring bits or curb bits that allow for a ¾” buckle strap to pass thru the snaffle ring or bottom hole of the shanks on a shank style bit.

Our Amish Makers use Wickett & Craig Leather. Time proven to be one of the best leathers available.  Wickett & Craig have been in business for over 140 years. Stainless steel hardware is used to provide years of trouble free service. 

Available in Light Russet, Medium Brown & Black

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